First Quarter 2016  

 3 D printing FDM filament using FibreTuff® Biopolymer ready for shipment.

Third Quarter 2016  

 New FibreTuff biopolymer for a harder, brighter and glossier surface appearance.

Dear Bob:

Question...What benefits would an automotive manufacture see with using the bio based FibreTuff® pellets versus the competition in a molded part, answer; there are six important advantages 1) better heat deflection temperature 2) resistance to mold, fungus growth 3) better stiffness to weight ratio 4) improved toughness with better elongation 5) Class A surface with FibreTuff® 5 pellet products 6) Minimal and No odor in certain FibreTuff® products.

Question...The heat deflection temperature in the FibreTuff® brand pellet is +100 F improvement in some blends, answer; the cellulose flour has a degradable temperature of 451F unlike other natural fiber biomass fillers. But the chemistry in the  FibreTuff® is also helping promote better heat resistance.

Question...What features does FibreTuff® have versus the competition, answer;  FibreTuff® can increase part toughness and performance, better coefficient of thermal expansion (CLTE) with more adhesion to improve longevity and resistance to mold and fungi ...

Question...Problem with a thin wall injection molded natural fiber polyolefin part cracking in thermal cycling hot and cold temperatures, answer; FibreTuff® can help improve thermal stability at an extremely fair price...

Question...Does the recently allowed US Patent 7,994,241 pertain to injection molded parts ...answer: Yes, any molded part produced by a method comprising the steps of extruding into a mold a composition that includes compressed low moisture pellet heating the composition and removing the part from the mold.


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1mm thick injection molded part containing 50% FibreTuff®....The part has a polymer rich skin that promotes resistance to moisture, mildew and fiber exposure to the elements - impressive flexural strength. FibreTuff® has improved thermal and adhesion properties. No glues or adhesive needed to bond to veneers, hardboard applications.


Blow molded tube made with FibreTuff® extrusion grade biopolymer

Creating BioPolymers for Molding​

Second Quarter 2016  

 3 D printing FDM filament using FibreTuff® Biopolymer.

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Foamed FibreTuff Biopolymer with 20% weight reduction


FibreTuff® master batch can be produced to make a variety of colors. 

Innovative Plastics and Molding, Inc (IPM) is a leading natural fiber wood composite technology development company. IPM leading edge technology includes molded parts made from they're brand FibreTuff®, a bio based compounded pellet. These new FibreTuff® pellets are of an alloy composition with patent and patent pending applications.  IPM will license FibreTuff® technology and take responsibility to work with your vendor of choice. 

The  FibreTuff® pellets have superior adhesion for quality pellet construction. These compressed pellets have an excellent resistant to moisture and will require less energy to dry versus most other biopolymer compounds. They do not require special bags or boxes for transportation and have a good resistance to mold and mildew unlike most other biopolymers.

The FibreTuff® compositions have impressive performance for thin walled parts and can be foamed with gas or chemical foaming agents (CFA). And, unlike other biopolymers such as PLA, PHA, the FibreTuff® is a reinforcement for improved toughness with excellent heat resistance  which can help promote a wider processing range and recycle ability. Molding trials have shown no bio odor, very good color ability and adhesion for coatings, films and TPE...

IPM will help manufacturers, designers, and end users make products out of renewable "biomass" waste and plastic. You can count on IPM to help drive your product to market. Purchase any of the FibreTuff® pellet products at email:  

3D printed part - Fall 2015  

 3 D Printed part molded with FibreTuff® Biopolymer 

FibreTuff Medical Biopolymers, LLCis a licensee of  FibreTuff® Technology from  Innovative Plastics and Molding  for the medical market. 

Last Quarter 2015  

 FibreTuff® Biopolymer testimonial for building and construction parts